Since 2007, SimIS has been a pioneer in the modeling and simulation community, creating a bridge between traditional Cyber Security services and responsive, simulated architecture design. As an 8a Veteran-Owned Small Business, SimIS has experienced rapid growth in the public service sector, laying the framework for much of the modeling and simulation focus currently sweeping through the Department of Defense. Through integrated architecture design, a unique systems to systems approach, and continued persistence in providing customers with exceptional products and services, SimIS has established itself at the forefront of emerging government contractors. Our company’s consistent drive to improve and perfect its offerings provides customers with a constantly amended capability set that can be used for any task, setting it apart from the competition. At SimIS, we are doing more than providing a service, we’re providing people with the expertise and knowledge to bring your concepts to reality.

From exclusive distributorships to innovative healthcare products, we continue to grow, engaging both local and international customers alike. SimIS recently became the exclusive distributor for Modest Tree, Modest 3D products in the Unites States, and hopes to offer this service internationally in the coming years. In combination with its autonomous targeting systems (RHTT) and its autonomous vehicles program, such as its surveillance vehicles, this distributorship will branch SimIS into the international market. Customers will be able to integrate system models, create new training tools and products, and update existing training simulations. We believe customers should be offered the best product available, and we aim to provide that. Through new technological innovation and continued investment in healthcare sectors, we are poised to be a key player in international defense markets over the next two years. We hope that through collaboration with the Nordic States, we can gain insight into who our products and services can be used to assist and propel modeling and simulation needs globally.

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