Mr. Peter Sioma, President NAMMO, Inc.



The Chamber is pleased to announce that Mr. Peter Sioma will continue as President and Chairman of NACC MA for 2012-2013. Pete Sioma is also serving as the President and CEO of NAMMO, Inc. an active member and a generous sponsor of NACC MA. As the President, his primary responsibility is to provide the organization focused leadership the meets the objectives and needs of our members.

NAMMO Inc. was established in 1999; today NAMMO’s US Head Office is located in Arlington, Virginia and is mainly focused on sales and marketing. The office coordinates NAMMO’s interests in the US defense market, which includes: armor piercing, small caliber ammunition, various medium caliber ammunition programs, anti-tank weapon systems, rocket motors, and demilitarization programs.

Mr. Sioma’s goals for his 2012-2013 presidency is to provide our members with a meaningful forum in which they can interact with business and Government leadership in the Washington, D.C. community, and thereby creating a business environment for growth. He would also like to grow our membership by providing important venues of interest to business. “NACC MA is going thru a dynamic period of change initiated by its predecessor. My challenge is to maintain the focus and momentum that has been created, energizing our membership base with their active participation and support”.

How is NACC MA serving as a professional link for business between Norway and USA?
By interfacing with other Norwegian organizations and the Royal Norwegian Embassy, we are able to build programs that combined the business perspectives of the US and Norway, showcasing the technological and business talents of both economies. This is important because today’s business environment is truly global, be it in the commercial or military sectors. It is important that we maintain close ties with our allies and friends thru collaborative efforts with common goals.
Being located in Washington, D.C., we provide networking venues to our members that feature key business and Government officials of leading companies and countries. This creates an opportunity for our membership to hear the latest world strategies of our leaders and the potential impact on the national and global economies. These venues are accessible to our membership on a regular bases. The Chamber also provides social/cultural activities associated with the country of Norway which helps to bond cultural ties between our two nations.

What should members expect from their membership?
Programs that are meaningful from a business perspective, access to business and government leaders that they may not normally have and a great social experience with the rest of our membership.

What does NACC MA expect from its members?  
Members are encouraged to participate in the programs that we offer and provide feedback as to their value. We must always strive to improve the opportunities that we offer our membership.

How does Nammo benefit from being a member of NACC MA? 
Nammo takes advantage of the networking opportunities that open up during the many venues/forums that the Chamber sponsors. Thru our annual membership dues, and sponsorship of the special events held by the Chamber, Nammo helps to develop NACCMA.  We also provide support with Nammo personnel who donate their time in support of the many great events held each year. My personal contribution to the NACC MA is to provide leadership and my time to the Chamber in a very demanding business environment at Nammo. Being a member of NACC MA offers an inspiring environment with friendly, always smiling colleagues.

Looking Forward: Where do you hope to see NACC MA within the next year? 
I’d like to see our membership increase by 15%, and the membership become more active and supportive of the great events that are being scheduled. I believe that the current path should remain our focus for the next 12-18 months (improving opportunities), but we need to join with more Norwegian and Nordic organizations in promoting business opportunities for our region. My entire career has been spent in the Defense and Security sector, which tend to be very structured and regimented.  As I’ve been exposed to the Commercial sector I’ve developed and appreciation for the differences and similarities of these industries. But I have concluded that basic tenants of leadership and focus remain the same regardless of ones experience.

NACCMA would like to thank Mr. Sioma for his continued dedication to the Chamber and for his years of support.

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