NACC Centennial Gala


Oct 7 2015 – The Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce celebrated a century of service to our members at the Metropolitan Club in New York on October 7th, 2015. Their Royal Highnesses, The Crown Prince and The Crown Princess of Norway attended the Gala as well as Norway’s Ambassador to the United State, The Honoroable Kåre Aas. Liv Ullmann received The Nora Award for Women of Achievement. Innovation Norway received The Norwegian-American Trade Award and Anita Krohn Traaseth/CEO accepted the award on behalf of Innovation Norway.

From NACC MA, several board of Directors and officers attended, including our President and Secretary as well as Lockheed Martin and Kongsberg representatives.

Read more from the RoyalCourt’s website here and from Innovation Norway’s website here

Photos by Katharina Brekke Powers /  Berit Hessen

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