Member’s Luncheon


February 8, 2016


The NACC MA hosted a Member’s Luncheon at the Royal Norwegian Embassy last Monday. The event attracted 36 attendees, including Corporate, Professional and Young Associates members from our Chamber as well as representatives from the Embassy and Defense Attachée’s Office.

The Luncheon included a brief from newly joined Red Corporate Member Textron, presented by Mr Gunnar Kleveland, EVP for Integrated Operations, Bell Helicopter Textron. Further, a featured presentation by Mr Owe Lie-Bjelland, CEO at Xait gave the audience a great overview on innovative ways for optimized and secured document collaboration and sharing.

On behalf of the NACC MA, we would like to thank the Royal Norwegian Embassy for their valuable participation and thank you to everyone for joining and making this a successful event.

We surely look forward to the next one!


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